Ref. No. : CA - 27565 (Sales and Services - Others with 18.2 years in Plastic Industry)

41 Years
Highest Education Level
Notice Period
30 Days
Education Details
Diploma in Plastics Mould Making Technician (DPMMT) From Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET) Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2001

Turner From Industrial Training Institute
(ITI) Junagadh, Gujarat in 1998
Skill Sets
Five years of experience in the field of Mould Assembly
Experienced in Operating CNC Milling ( Hide Hein Control)
Experienced in CNC Grinding ( Siemens Control)
Experienced in maintenance and polishing of moulds
Planning for machining of mould components, final assembly and trial.
Experienced in operating injection machine
Experienced in cap lining machine
Experienced in injection blow machine
Experienced in servicing

Certificate course of AutoCAD in RL12, from CIPET Ahmedabad.


Work Experience
18.2 Year(s)


Work Experience Details
Sr. Sales & Engineer
Since May 2009
Company Name: Mold Masters Technologies Pvt. Ltd :
Company Profile: Leading company in hot runner system.
Job Profile:
Sales of the hot runner system.
Explain about product and convene to use Hot runner System.
Installation of the hot runner system.
Proving the Hot Runner System.
Maintenance the Hot runner System.
Installation and commissioning Hot Runner System

Some significant Projects handled & trouble shooting successfully:
144 drop cap – End User – Colgate, Molder- Creative Plastics.
Magnetti Marelli Motherson – Trouble shooting in Lighting System.
Installations done for around of 1500 drops.
Handled, multi cavity, Valve gating, multi color system

March 2007 to May 2009
Company Profile : Manufacture hot runner systems & all component part’s with in company.
Job Profile :
Installation of the hot runner systems.
Proving the system.
Maintenance of the hot runner system.
Installation & commissioning hot runner controller.

Some significant Projects:
Installation of logan car front bumper mould in Surmo, Pune.
Installation of RQT L/H & R/H Door mould in Varoc, Aurangabad.
Servicing of A/C cover mould in Venus,Pune

July 2006 to Feb 2007
Company Name : Exechone
Company Profile: Manufacturer of BOTTLE in HDPE & CAP in PP. Company make production in IBM (Injection Blow machine) for bottle. Company has IM (Injection machine) for cap production. Company have cap lining machine is production lining inside cap.
Job Profile :
Assembly of hot runner moulds with Fast heat.
Maintenance of moulds
Tool steel produce as per mold requirement.
New mould trial and check all function of the mold.
Check product quality like surface, weight, strength of product.
Operating the cap lining machine.
Preventing maintains of mould schedual.

Some Significant Projects:
10 cavity 60CC BOTTLE MOULD
08 cavity 75CC BOTTLE MOULD
08 caivty 100CC BOTTLE MOULD
06 cavity 150CC BOTTLE MOULD
04 cavity cap mould (33mm, 38mm, 45mm, 53mm, 100mm)

Mar 2003 to July 2006
Company Name : Zahoransky Sarin Moulds & Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Company Profile : manufacturing of
all kinds of Brushes. But they are specialized in Multi-colored Toothbrushes in Worldwide.
Job Profile :
Process planning for manufacturing of moulds.
Tool steel procurement.
Distributing of part drawings for manufacturing.
Inspection of parts after hardening and machining.
Polishing of cavity inserts.
Final assembly of mould
Taking trials and trouble shooting during molding.
After trial check part quality and Action plan for next trial.
CNC Milling Machine Operating

Some Significant Projects:
08 Cavity Single Colour Mould For ICPA, Delhi.
16 Cavity Single Colour Flud Gate Mould For Coronet,
8 Cavity Single Colour Mould For Shield, Pakistan
8+4 Cavity Double Colour Mould For Samaplast, Germany
8+4 Cavity Double Colour Mould For Rabbit, USA.
8+4 Cavity Hot Runner Mould For Dual Colour Toothbrush
8+8 Cavity Hot Runner Mould For Dual Colour Toothbrush For Coronet, baroda

Zahoransky Formenbau GmbH, Freiburg, Germany (Period Sep 2001 to Mar 2003).

Some Significant Projects:
16 Cavity Mould For Single Color Toothbrush For Dentaids
8+8 Cavity Dual Colour Toothbrush For Hindustan Lever LTD.
8+8 Cavity Dual Colour Toothbrush For Jordan With Mould Masters Hot Runner System
8+4 Cavity Double Colour Mould For Rabbit, USA.
8+4 Cavity Hot Runner Mould For Dual Colour Toothbrush FOR UAE
8+8 Cavity Hot Runner Mould For Dual Colour Toothbrush For Coronet, baroda

Training Details:
Study of mould drawings
Process plan Preparation.
Mould parts machining plan in all conventional and CNC machines.
Inspection & Checking of parts and assembling of moulds.
Assembly of hot runner moulds with Mould Masters.
Maintenance of moulds.
Polishing of inserts & electrode.
Mould setting on injection molding machine.
Future Goals
Intend to Build a Career with leading corporate of Hi- Tech Environment with
committed & Dedicated Peoples which can help to explore myself fully and realize my





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