Ref. No. : CA - 27172 (Maintenance and Service - Mechanical with 13.8 years in Plastic Industry)

37 Years
Highest Education Level
Current Gross Salary
INR 1020000 /Annum
Preferred Country
India, Canada, Ecuador, Guyana, Madagascar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Uganda
Notice Period
30 Days
Education Details
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering From Goa Board of Technical Education.
Skill Sets
Injection Molding machines 60T to 1480T.
Blow molding machines 1Ltr to 20 Ltrs
5 Color offset Italian printing machines.
Digital printing machine
HDPE and MDPE pipe extrusion machines.
PVC and XLPE cable extrusion machine
Voltas air cooled water chillers up to 90Tr
Air compressors 500 CFM Elgi & Atlas Copco
Cummins DG set up to 1010 KVA
Metalizing machine Leybold and Buhler
AHUs up to 25000 CFM.
Conveyor systems& Fire Hydrant System.
Copper wire drawing and enameling m/c
Ovens up to 90KW heater loads.

MS Office, SAP PM Module, AutoCAD 2D


Work Experience
13.8 Year(s)


Work Experience Details
Assistant Maintenance Manager
Since Dec 2016
Company Profile : Manufacturer of 2 & 4 wheelers head lamps and tail lamps, Plastic Coolant and shield washer container.
Job Profile :
Handling maintenance of machines like Injection molding, Toshiba and Hwachin make from 150T to 1480T multicolor and blow molding of 2 ltrs coolant box hydraulic, Electrical, mechanical and Pneumatics, Metalizing machines, water chillers, air compressors, DG sets, HVAC systems, fire hydrant systems, dehumidifiers and material conveying systems, plastic material conveyor and box ovens up to 90KW heating load.
Analyzing Time Temperature record data to monitor Ovens health monthly basis.
Monitoring TPM and predictive maintenance by test analysis like vibration meter, ultrasonic leak detector for compressed air leakages, thermal imager, energy analyzer model ALM 31 krycard make.
Practicing HIRA, Aspects Impacts, 5S, FMEA, TPM, Best practices, HSE as per Toyota Production system.
Reducing break down of machines below 2.5hrs monthly using problem solving tools like
Y-Y analysis, pareto chart and bar graph.
Tracking and analysing MTTR and MTBF through SAP and maintain it within the target.
Monitoring department’s MIS system and support for internal audit of ISO 14001 & 45001.
Analyzing energy consumption of machines and finding scope for energy savings.
Kaizens for breakdown reducing, energy saving and safety.
Training subordinates and assessing their skills.
Maintaining maintenance budget by reducing cost and spare part inventory control.
Prepare and seek approval for major maintenance budget.
Implement safety policies and procedures for the department.
Assessing and reviewing AMC related works and follow up with vendors.

Installed servo motors in 15 injection moulding machines and also installed heater jackets
Over barrel heaters to reduce energy consumption and succeeded to save 35lacs Rs per annum and won 1st prize for this project.
Installed Online energy management system for monitoring and analysing machines
energy consumption and determine energy cost for production and saving energy.
Installed RTPFC panel of 1600 KVAR for reducing harmonics loss and maintaining lagging PF up to 0.999

Senior Maintenance Engineer.
Sep 2014 to Oct 2016
Company Profile : Manufacturer of printed HDPE plastic cartridges for silicon sealant, Tapes, Cans.
Job Profile :
To supervise the maintenance team and handling breakdown and PM of injection molding machines of BMB and Haitian, Blow molding machines, Winding tapes machines , utilities and 5 color Offset and Digital printing machine for plastic cartridges of silicon sealants and HDPE material conveying systems.
To handle breakdown and preventive maintenance electrical, mechanical, hydraulics and pneumatics of injection moulding machine, offset and digital printing machines, taping machines.
Monitor utility equipment efficiency like Elgi air compressors and water chillers and do periodic PM.
PLC trouble shooting and electrical panel upgradation.
To do the PM of Electrical LT panels and APFC panels.
To handle the project of new machine installation and machine modifications.
To maintain the machine inventories and the maintenance budget cost.
To prepare the OEE of the production equipments and do the breakdown analysis.
To prepare the Management Review Meeting presentation for every 6 months.
To follow up and monitor regularly for ISO related documents.
Handled project of shifting factory from Sharjah to Ras al Khaima which consists 9 injection moulding machines, 2 air compressors, 4 water chillers up to 30 tr each, 5000 ltrs bry air material conveying machines and 2nos offset 5 color printing machines of SPA make.

Senior Executive Engineer.
Sep 2012 to Sep 2014
Company Name: Glynwed Pipe Systems India Ltd
Company Profile : Manufacturer of MDPE and HDPE pipes and fittings up to 90mm diameter.
Job Profile :
To handle shift technicians and assign them works
To do PLC trouble shooting of the machines.
To maintain machine documents related to ISO
To handle electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic breakdown and preventive maintenance of injection molding machine of Ferromatic, Toshiba and Enzel of up to 350 ton, PVC, HDPE and MDPE pipe extrusion machines.
To maintain the inventories and maintenance budget of all production related equipments.
To handle projects of installation of new machines.
To handle breakdown and preventive maintenance of utility equipments like chillers, air compressors, DG and fire hydrant system.
To monitor electric energy consumptions.
To handle the production department in the absence of production engineer.
To plan and execute new modifications of accessory machines used with Injection molding machines.

Assistant Officer Engineering Dept
Aug 2009 to Feb 2012
Company Name : Watson Pharmaceuticals
Company Profile : Manufacturer of tablets and capsules.
Job Profile :
To handle shift technicians like utility technicians, HVAC, BMS system.
To maintain Room temperature and RH values of cubicle areas.
To handle break downs and preventive maintenance of the machines like HVAC,HSMG, FBD, FBE, Mechanical sifters, Tablet compression machine, Capsule filling machine, Tablet coating machine, UPS and LT panels and utilities.
To handle projects of new machine installation and area validation.
To update single line diagram of electrical panels using Autocad
To handle room air pressure difference.
To handle breakdown of air compressors 1200 cfm
Arrest AHU air leakages and compressed air leakages using thermo graphic image and ultrasonic leak tester.
o handle thermo graphic image planner and also execute the same.
To validate the cubicle room by performing temperature mapping.

Electrical Officer
Aug 2007 to Aug 2009
Company Name : Teracom ltd
Company Profile : Manufacturer of low tension PVC and XLPE power cables, MDPE pipes.
Job Profile :
To handle ISO documents of maintenance Dept.
Installation and maintenance of AC and DC drives of SSD and ABB from 0.37kw to 150kw.
Calibration of instruments like temperature controller, thermocouples, RPM indicators and meter counters.
To handle shift electricians and assign them work.
To handle preventive and breakdown maintenance of machines like wire drawing machine, PVC and XLPE Extruder machines of cables up to 400sqmm and pipes extrusion machines.
To handle projects of making new electrical panel design and installing the same for Extruder machines and cable laying up machines.

Maintenance Engineer.
Aug 2005 to July 2007
Company Name : Lark wires and infotech ltd
Company Profile : Manufacturer of enameled copper wires for motor and transformer winding and Packing tapes.
Job Profile :
To handle breakdown and preventive maintenance of machines electrically and mechanically like Rod breakdown machine, Butt wielding machines, fine wire drawing machines, packing tapes, wire enameling machines and LT panels.
To handle ISO documents of maintenance Dept.
Installation and maintenance work of AC and DC drives of Omron, ABB, SSD Telemechanic, General Electric, Mitsubishi and Yaskawa ranging from 0.37kw to 30kw, AC and DC Analogue Drive and 200hp shaft Starter
To do yearly calibration of instruments like temperature controller, RPM indicators and
To handle projects of making new electrical panel design, rewiring and installing the electrical panels to convert it from old technology panels to new technology.

Professional trainings:
SAP PM module.
ISO 14001 and 45001.
Digital printing m/c operation and maintenance in ITALY
PLC programming and troubleshooting.
Toyota production system safety like STOP 6+2
Hiyari Hatto, Kiken yochin, Machine safety.

Projects accomplished
Making new electrical panel design, rewiring and installing the panels for wire drawing machine and wire enameling machine for converting outdated old electrical panels to new technology electrical panels in LARK Wires in 2006.
Installed Rod break down machine with AC motor of 200 Hp and 120 sqmm PVC and XLPE cable and pipe extruder machine in Teracom LTD during 2008.
Successfully co-ordinated the project of shifting the factory location and installing all factory
machineries like 9 injection moulding machines, 3 printing machines, 5 water chillers and 2 air compressors in Anchor Allied Factory Ltd in 2015 UAE.
Successfully completed of energy saving project in injection moulding machines and reduced energy cost up to 35 lacs per annum in Minda Industries ltd in year 2018.
Successfully completed installing Online energy management system (EMS)which costs Rs 9 lacs for monitoring and analyzing each machine energy consumption.Also reduced energy consumption by 136 kwh/day using this technology.

Awards and recognition:
Won 1st prize among 6 competitors for energy saving by installing servo motors and heater
jackets in injection molding machines. Annual cost saving achieved around Rs 35 Lacks/annum
Won 1st prize among 12 competitors for installing new technology of online energy management system for machine energy consumption monitoring and analysis. Awarded by ACMA India.

Key Rolls And Responsibilities: Break down solving of machines electrical, electronics, hydraulics, mechanical and pneumatics and maintaining MTTR below 2.5 hrs per month and MTBF above 600 Hrs.
Monitoring effective preventive and predictive maintenance of machines by test analysis like
Vibration meter, Ultrasonic leak detector, energy analyzer, Thermal imager, TTR for ovens.
Handling equipments like water chillers, air compressors, dryers, dehumidifiers, DG sets,
Metalizing machines and paint shops maintenance for breakdown and PM
Practicing HIRA, Aspects Impacts, 5Why analysis, TPM, FMEA and BEST practices.
Analyzing equipment energy consumption reports and finding scope for energy saving.
Promoting a safety conscious working environment.
Managing maintenance budget and reducing cost.
Kaizens related to energy saving, breakdown reducing and safety, practicing 5S,
Handling projects of plants and machineries installation.
Reviewing AMC and following up with vendors.
Training and skill assessment of subordinates.
Supporting for safety audits and ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
Future Goals
To be successful Maintenance Head where I can use my skills and knowledge which I gained
through 13 years in manufacturing industry for company’s growth and self growth in future.





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