Ref. No. : CA - 27289 (Production - Moulding with 20.4 years in Plastic Industry)

42 Years
Highest Education Level
Preferred Country
Notice Period
15 Days
Education Details
DME Mechanical Engineering From Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, in 2011 with 78%

ITI - Fitter From Vellore Govt ITI in 1995 with 77%
Skill Sets
A highly challenging competent Plastic Technocrat with Five years of “Hands on” experience in Operations in Indian & Overseas Plastic Processing industry with excellent inter personnel, communication and leadership skills, ability to successfully achieve the business objectives.

Experiences in pet preform $ bottles manufacturing field Production Operations, Maintenance, Installation and Commissioning and People Management.
Adept in assessing the performance and processing gaps using modern technologies and new approaches Played a vital role in carrying out fine-tuning, cycle time reduction techniques and mould changing. Expertise in planning of all the installation, commissioning; expert in various tests and inspections; proficiently carried out the efficient troubleshooting.
Demonstrated technical leadership skills by process improvements, quality, etc.

MS Office, Power point, Microsoft Dynamics NAV -2013(ERP)


Work Experience
20.4 Year(s)


Work Experience Details
Assistant Production Manager .
Since Mar 2017
Company Profile: Largest PET preform manufacturing facility company.
Job Profile:
Plan, organize, direct and run optimum day-to-day operations to exceed our customers’ expectations
Increase production, assets capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs and maintaining current quality standards
Be responsible for production output, product quality and on-time shipping
Allocate resources effectively and fully utilize assets to produce optimal results
Implement strategies in alignment with strategic initiatives and provide a clear sense of direction and focus
Monitor operations and trigger corrective actions
Manage the Maintenance activities of all the Machines of PET (From SACMI IPS 220). along with the Utilities like Material Dryers, Chillers and High Pressure Air Compressors
Involved in sales of Preforms.
Set-up and implement the procurement processes for raw material.
Management’s Representative (MR) for both the Quality Management & Environment Management Systems As an MRQ (Management Representative for Quality), motivate the team effectively to meet the stringent requirements of ISO standards and Procedures and successfully implements and achieves the HACCP
(Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points), ISO-9002 & ISO-14001 1994 Certifications.
Selection and approval of plant machinery from technical point view, considering the capacities.
Erects and commissions the PET line equipment (Preform Manufacturing & Bottling), including accessories like high-pressure compressors, chillers, pump house, ozone generators, air dryers, dehumidifiers and bottle conveyers. 
Prepare and Present Annual Revenue and Capital Budgets from the production and maintenance point of view. 
Develops the concept of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) with the help of Production Team.
Implementation & Maintenance of HACCP, ISO - 9001:

PET Line SACMI Injection Molding Machine (IPS 220 Tons, cavities 48)
PIVON Dryer (Model GP55 and Hopper model TN4500)
Chiller: Industrial Frigo 320 & 130 Z/CX/
Air compressor: Atlas Copco GA15+FF Max:12 bar pressure
Water Bottling Plant Job Profile:
Mineral dosing parameters monitoring, preparation of mineral solution in concentrate tank for daily injection and online control to TDS , pH and residual Ozone level etc.
Incoming Chemicals, Water nutrients minerals, preforms, Caps, Labels and cartons. etc for ensuring the quality for its acceptance as per the standard specification.
performs quality checks for various parameters before issuing to the production. 
Online quality control tests of blown bottles, labeling, Cap application, Date coding etc and reporting deformities to the production department.
R/O plant pretreatment Sand filter, Carbon filter, Polisher, post treatment Ozone & UV monitoring and maintain the control parameters and report for any foreseen malfunctioning.
Chemical storage, inventory and verify the MSDS and Certificate of Analysis for its quality Report for Non conformity, Causes and Corrective action taken etc.

Senior Production Engineer.
Jul 2009 to Mar 2017
Company Profile: Manufacturing plastic packaging products like Injection moulded PET Preforms, PET Jars & Bottles, Mono & Multi-layer Extrusion Blow Moulding containers, PP ISBM Bottles & Jars, HDPE IBM Bottles. Customers are Pepsico, Coca Cola, Nestal, P&G, Bisleri, Henkel, Britannia, Unilever, TATA, ITC, Cadbury And Etc…
Job Profile:
Effectively & efficiently managing the multi-functional team to ensure that all products are produced as per defined quality standard parameters and schedules by coordinating with Quality departments.
To direct control & manage the resources 5-M’s (Manpower, Machine, Material, Minutes & Method) efficiently to achieve production targets and motivate staff to operate efficiently within defined safety standard and quality standards to meet business challenges.
Ensuring all the processes are carried out in accordance with QMS, HACCP techniques and SOP’s in the Quality System. Ensuring all CCP’s are monitored and documented. Review and updating of SOP’s based on new developments.
Monitor daily product losses & control the manufacturing cost by putting in place measures and monitoring system thus optimizing the product yield and reduction of wastage is achieved, thus Establishing a continuing improvement culture throughout the department
Maximizing the flexibility among the team members by continually improving skill levels of each individual and planning the training needs, on job training requirement and developing the team member progression plans to improve job satisfaction & maintaining the motivation required to achieve customer expectations/ satisfaction
Achieving Divisional Key Performance Index’s for the department.
Ensure full implementation of defined and laid down safety systems and safe practices of work continually upgrading safety awareness and practices within the team. Ensure all activities are covered by Risk assessment program within the department
Ensuring GMP, Hygiene & Housekeeping and Health & Safety systems are implemented to the highest level in the department
Prepare the daily production Planning.
Independently - Manage Injection of PET Preform / bottle caps
Set up machine parameters to produce the optimum quality products.
Development of Strategies to minimize the rate of Rejection.
Fill up the ISO document as per as organization.
RCA (root cost analysis) & CAPA (corrective and Preventive action) method.
Daily reporting to Production manager.

Husky Hypet 300 TONS P-100/120 E120 – 2 Machine (72 Cavity).
HYPET400 TONS HPPP100/120 E140 – 4 Machines (96 CAVITY).
Ferromatic Milacron Sigma 150 TONS,
NISSEI ASB PM70/65N, ASB PM 70/111N (24&16 Cavity Preform M/C’S).
ASB 650 Injection Blow Molding machines.
Fully All Electrical Preform Husky Injection Molding Machine (HPETL 180 ERSE 68D/68) 40 CAVITY HYPET 400 TONS.
HPP4.0-P120/120 EE 140 – 3 Machines (96 Cavity).
HYPET 500 TONS HPP4.0-P120/120EE140L (30:1) – 1 Machines.
ASNTO Stretch Blow Molding Machine 4 Cavity.
SIDEL Stretch Blow Molding Machine 6 & 4 CAVITY. SIDEL (SR- 0.5/6 & SR – 2/4 N).PET Preform Injection Molding Machine SACMI IPS 220 – 48 CAVITY.

Projects & Key Accomplishments
Successfully commissioned & achieved commercial production on pet preform Injection Moulding M/C – Husky hypet 300 & 225 tons and hypet HPP 400 Ton`s NISSEI ASB PM 70/111 N Ferromatic Milacron Sigma 150 ton’s, fully all Electrical husky preform injection moulding m/c 180 ton`s
Efficiently & effectively managed commissioning of husky Hypet 400,300,225 Tons & ASB PM Preform Injection Molding M/C
Handling the starch blow moulding machine (ASNTO 0.5/4 ,0.5/2 Cavite’s – 3800 BPH), (SIDEL SR-2/4-N-4500 BPH, SIDEL SR-0.5/6-N 6200 BPH)
Handling the Injection Blow Moulding machine – ASB-650 EXHD, 2 Cavities.
Handling the material auto loading & Colour calibration systems - Conair, Piovan, Plastic System & Colourmatrixs, Repi.
Process improvement project to increase the productivity by optimizing the cycle time.
New material development trials i.e. master batch, slip additive resin & reduced the cost of the product by successful trial done of new mold having lower product weight without any effect on the quality of the product.
Successfully installed & achieved commercial production of new Moulds – Hot Runner
Plastic raw material process from PP, PET HDPE, and LDPE.
Optimization of Mould changes over time reduction.
To control and minimize rejection by rectifying mold problem, machine problem and troubleshooting of processing.
Making preventive maintenance schedule for all machines and doing their service as per schedule plan.
Daily general maintenance of machines
Involved Erection of Husky Hypet & Hypet HPP, ASB PM machines & plastic system dryer and piovan dryer
Good knowledge of Handling Centrifugal Pumps, AHU, Cooling Tower. Vacuum blowers (impellor type), Air Cooled – Green Box chiller, Water Cooled – Green Box chiller, Dehumidifier Desiccant type, Refrigerant type, Belt conveyer.
Preform mould and core plate change over different types of make.
Preform Core, core plate, cavity, cavity plate, gate pad, neck ring and lock ring changing and servicing.
Preform 96, 72, 16, 24, 32, 16 cavities Husky, MHT mould and hot runner servicing & maintenance.
Nozzle tip insulator changing.
Nozzle tip changing and valve gate alignment.
Valve gate stem, bush changing and servicing.

Process Technician.
Jan 2008 to April 2009
Company Name : Jabil Circuit Pvt Ltd.
Company Profile : Mobile Phone Panel Manufacturing company.
Job Profile :
Handling the all Electrical Injection Molding machine (TOYO SI-180/230 Ton`s, FANUC 50/100 Ton`s.
Good communication skills
I set the process parameter according to standard moulding parameter (SMP) & record the process monitor sheet (PMS) twice in a shift.
Visual quality defect (VQC) in the product while start-up & get the first part inspection report (FPIR) from QC department.
Achieve the targeted yield rate& reduce the start up rejection.
5S in respective allocated machine area
Maintain the Engineering procedures & their related documents.
Coordinating with mould setter
Manpower Handling.
cycle time reduction
Demonstrated technical leadership skills by process improvements, quality, etc.
Trouble shooting of process problems
Process setting & controlling.
Trials on New Moulds
Reduce Breakdown.
Reduce lumps & rejection.
Coordinating with maintenance team by prediction of failures & break down.
Preparing shift and daily production reports and monthly review reports.
Follow up Master Moulding Data, Process flow short, machine start up & showdown data. process daily check list
Maintain the ISO Record
Handling of running production Trouble Shooting.
Plastic raw material process to PC+ABS.
Daily reporting to Production manager and Plant Manager

Dec 2001 to Jan 2008
Company Name : Futura Preforms
Company Profile : Manufacturer of Pet Resin Performs, Polyester Staple Fibre & Plastic Bottle.
Job Profile :
Accountable for all projects, repairs and /or improvements on the line as well as any mold changes and maintaining preventative maintenance.
Ensure proper and safe operational conditions of all production and related equipment.
Improve the production equipment, utilities, efficiency and reliability.
Recommend, plan, repair, modify, and fabricate any necessary elements following a problem or a project, which may have an effect on the productivity.
Analyze and resolve all issues related to the equipment.
Ensures cleanliness of all equipment and related areas after repairs or PM’s.
Assist in updating, developing and improving equipment PM program.
Communicate to the supervisor on the condition of all production equipment.
Assist and train production employees in machine conversions and PM’s.
Assist other maintenance employees with repairs, PM, installation commissioning and testing of equipment.
Assist in maintaining appropriate stock of spare parts ensuring that parts catalogue is up-to-date, parts room is organized and kept clean.
Keep all tools in good and safe condition and ensure tools are returned to its appropriate location.
Ensuring toolbox is parked in the designated area after job is completed, top of box must be kept clean of parts and lubricants.
Direct and advise production employees in machine conversion and PM’s.
Flexible-if Over Time is required and covering for vacation.
Perform all duties, in a safe and efficient manner.
Process trouble shooting, improving, modifying & its feasibility study and maintaining the equipment’s in good condition.
Process setting & controlling.
Continual improvement of equipment’s like Injection moulding machines.
Trials on New Moulds.
Preparing shift and daily production reports and monthly review reports.
Inculcating 5s good housekeeping habits & maintains discipline on the Shop floor
Maintain the ISO Record.
Husky M/C Extruder Motor Seal replaced, Accumulator bladder replaced, Hydraulic motor pump coupling insert & Variable displacement pump seal replaced , Becker Vans Type Vacuum pump vans replaced,Numatic Vacuum relief valve & Vacuum valve replaced.
Mould changing for 48,72 & 32 cavities
Preform Husky ,MHT mould & hot runner servicing & maintenance.
Nozzle tip insulator changing.
Nozzle tip changing and valve gate alignment.
Valve gate stem, bush changing and servicing.
Take off plate (EOAT)
3 Stages Take off plate cooling tube servicing.
Take action plan and better communication during any small or major breakdown in the shop floor.
Preventive maintenance activities: Husky sx 500,GL 300,XL 225 & 300,INDEX90/90 Injection moulding machine to improve machines reliability by reduction in break down maintenance time.
Good knowledge and Handling Centrifugal Pumps, AHU,
Cooling tower, Centrifugal McQuay Chiller 250Tr& Career,
Chillers: 110Tr, 130Tr. Dryers, Dehumidifiers.

Handling the preform Husky plastic injection molding machines:
XL 300 tons PET P100/120 E100 (48 CAVITY)
XL 225 tons (32 CAVITY)
GL 300 tons P100/110 E120 (48 CAVITY)
Index 90/90 tons

May 1999 To Dec 2000
Company Name : L&T Demag Plastic Machinery Private Ltd.

Core Competencies
Production Planning & Control
Planning day-to-day strategies, budgets, production schedules, along with resource allocation for optimum output. Minimizing performance bottleneck for high productivity by ensuring safety, product quality, customer satisfaction, timely delivery, costs and environment. Appraising the prevalent production systems / processes, identifying areas of improvement if any and undertaking result-oriented measures for alleviating them and documenting the same. Setting up production targets and achieving the planned production targets with in management specified parameters (efficiencies, loss-in-process, and zero non-conformances). Preparing, implementing & monitoring the production plans. Optimizing product yield and wastage to maximize the contribution of profitability of the operation. Reduction in LIP, Plastic material losses, customer complaints.

Quality Assurance
Ensuring production of all products within specified quality norm. Developing Quality assurance by monitoring incoming, in-process and final product & procedures, and maintaining of records & QMS documentations. Developing processes to ensure smooth establishment of product commercially. Implementation of continual improvement actions. Ensuring adherence to ISO, HACCP and GMP standards. Auditing the process system to control the deviations to achieve zero non conformance.

Process Enhancement
Performing trials of new mold & material for different application. Designing processes & formulations for manufacturing products & establishing process parameters. Conducting trials, identifying deviations & making relevant modifications to stabilize products. Implementing ISO quality standards to produce consistent quality product. Suggesting and implementing required changes in process as well as in technology to improve product quality, yield, productivity & customer satisfaction.

Occupational Health & Safety
Managing Occupational Safety and Health of employees. Conducting internal H & S audits. Identifying activity based risk assessments and implementing corrective actions on monthly basis. Identifying risks and training the team to achieve H & S standards in the factory.

Manpower Management
Maximizing the flexibility among the team members by continually improving skill levels of each individual and planning the training needs, on job training requirement and developing skill matrix for the same.
Future Goals
To pursue a challenging career in Quality Management, Manufacturing, Product Development, Process Engineering with reputed FMCG / Plastic / packaging / Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution organization and to utilize my technical, managerial and organizational experience, skills and knowledge for the definitive benefit and continual improvement of the organization.





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