Ref. No. : CA - 27652 (Quality with 5.3 years in Plastic Industry)

43 Years
Highest Education Level
Current Gross Salary
INR 2500000 /Annum
Expected Gross Salary
INR 3000000 /Annum
Preferred Country
Notice Period
30 Days
Education Details
PHD in Polymer From IIT Khargpur in 2010
Skill Sets
New Product Development, Formulation, Cost Effective Solution, Bench Marking

Area of experience
Passive Fire Protective (PFP) intumescent coating, heat resistant polysiloxane-aluminum coating, polysiloxane based Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) coating, primers for corrosion protection of steel, durable topcoats, UV-curable coating, fire retardant wood finishes, rigid & flexible
polyurethane foams, high performance FRP structural composites, adhesives, flame retardants, polymer nanocomposites, synthesis & modification of thermosetting plastics and fillers.


Work Experience
5.3 Year(s)


Work Experience Details
Manager Technology
Since Nov 2013
Company Profile: Leading paint manufacturer in India.
Job Profile:
Successfully developed both waterborne & solvent based in-tumescent coating products
(Apcochar WB100 for Berger International, Dubai) suitable for 90 – 180 min fire rating for
structural steel work.
Successfully developed clear glossy fire retardant polyurethane coating for wood finishes.
Successfully developed cost effective heat resistant aluminum polysiloxane coating.
Development of polysiloxane & inert multi-polymeric matrix based both one-pack & twopack Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) coating for carbon steel & stainless steel.
Development of Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane (NIPU) durable topcoat.
Verification, Validation & benchmarking of products and develop cost effective solutions.
Product assessment through various testing as per international standards, adhesion & compatibility of coating system & accelerated durability testing. Understanding of the third party certification of products & support provided to S&M and also overseas units.
Setting-up lab, interpretation of results, document preparation & report presentation.

Core competencies
Product development ability in protective coatings Epoxy, polyurethane, polysiloxane,
acrylic chemistry, heat resistant and intumescent coating.
Basic and applied research in polymer, polymer composites and nano materials.
Broad understanding on polymer structure-properties, testing & characterization
Commercialization of new materials, polymer products & formulations for business
Independent thinker and problem solver
Result orientation, effective team player and ability to manage business interfaces

Developed cost effective in-house intumesent coatings with fire rating – 90 min to 120 min
Benchmarking of in-house development against international products
Designed, developed & directed research projects
Trained entry-level chemists
Developed customized test methods for specific testing & interpret the results
Composed & edited technical documents for publications

Research Experience
2010 – 2013
Post-doctoral Fellow, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Developed an elastomeric & fire retardant polyurea coating for US Air Force applications.
Developed an epoxy coating for fire retardant applications by using various FR additives.
Preparation of polymer nanocomposites by in-situ method using ultra-sonication & melt blending of thermoplastics, hydrothermal process, intercalation, surface functionalization, testing & characterization of polymer nanocomposites.
Given training to graduate students for setting-up experiments & publications.

2006 – 2010
Senior Research Fellow, RTC, IIT Khargpur, India Developed specialized rigid polyurethane foam of variable densities suitable for radioactive material transportation packages for DAE/BARC, Mumbai.
Formulation development, testing & characterization, & product performance comparison.
Published paper in peer reviewed international journal, attending technical conference &
filed a patent.

2004 – 2006
Research Associate, CRC, R&DE (Engg.), DRDO, Pune, India
Development of low cost high performance fiber reinforced epoxy structural composites by Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM), Resin Film Infusion (RFI), autoclave and hand-layup techniques, testing & characterization of resins & cured laminates.
Formulation, in-situ prepregging (wet layup), selection of RMs & quantify the material
properties – tensile, flexural, compressive, ILSS, G1C, Vf, gel time & Tg. Supervised & given training to research chemist.

2002 – 2004
Project Associate, NIIST (RRL), CSIR, Trivandrum, India
Synthesis of DCPD modified phenol-novolac resin binder for fiber reinforced composite & UV-curable polyurethane acrylates for dual curable (UV & Chemical) coatings.
Analyzed the prepared sample using different analytical tools & made publication in a peerreviewed scientific journal.

2000 – 2002
Lecturer in Polymer Technology Department, KCET, Tamilnadu, India
Taught polymer materials, product design & testing of plastics at degree level, including laboratory sections.
Prepared testing manual & setting-up laboratory for both polymer testing & technology.

1999 – 2000
Project Fellow, PSCD, VSSC, ISRO, Trivandrum, India
Reactive modification of epoxy adhesives by TDI, aminosilane & polyetheramine for strain gage bonding & testing and characterization.

Honors Qualified CSIR – SRF Fellowship for Ph.D. admission & scholarship Scored GATE for M.Tech. admission & scholarship

Affiliations Life member for Society of Polymer Science - Kharagpur Chapter

Publications & Patent
22 - Publications in referred scientific international journals
2 - Peer reviewed international book chapters
1 - Indian patent
13 - Presentations from national & international conference & symposium
Complete list & references available upon request.
Future Goals
A multifaceted and dedicated polymer researcher with immense experience in
various fields, such as protective coating formulation & new product development,
polyurethane foams, fire retardancy, polymer composites of both nano- & fiber
reinforced to seek a suitable position that can be effectively utilized my skills &
opportunity to work in a challenging area within a team.





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