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Recruit engineers and managers for plastics thermoforming factory. Listing of engineers, supervisors experienced in handling sheet extrusion and thermoforming machines, vacuum forming, pressure forming plastic products. Also recruit managers, plant managers, factory managers for plastic thermoforming vacuum forming unit. also carries a listing of job openings in the plastic thermoforming, disposable manufacturing industry.

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Reference Number


CA - 28122



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CA - 28023



Pref. Loc:Nashik, Vapi, Daman, Silvassa

Experience:9.4 Years
CTC: INR 648000 /Annum


Production Executive Since Sep 2015 Company Profile: Manufacturer of PET Sheet & Flexible Packaging as well as Thermoforming Articles Job Prof....


Reference Number


CA - 28064



Pref. Loc:Ahamadabad, Surat, Vapi, Daman...

Experience:8.4 Years
CTC: USD 16200 /Annum


Production Supervisor Since Jul 2019 Company Profile: Leading manufacturing company of PP, HIPS and foam extruded expanded disposable and therm....


Reference Number


CA - 27949



Pref. Loc:All Over India
Education:Graduate - Degree

Experience:2.6 Years
CTC: INR 300000 /Annum


Prod. & Quality Engg.(Thermoforming And Basic Of Sheet Extrusion) Since May 2016 Company Profile: Manufacturer of Polymer Components, Plastic....


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CA - 27934



Pref. Loc:Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Kuwa...
Education:Graduate - Degree

Experience:2.7 Years
CTC: INR 285000 /Annum


Production Engineer Since Jul 2016 Company Profile: Manufacturer of thin wall plastic packaging and thermoformed products such as disposal cups....


Reference Number


CA - 27910



Reference Number


CA - 27883



Reference Number


CA - 27670



Pref. Loc:Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vijayawa...
Education:Masters - Degree

Experience:6.1 Years
CTC: INR 504000 /Annum


Production Manager Since May 2014 Company Profile: Manufacturer And Exporter Of Pp/hdpe Woven Fabrics/sacks, Leno Sacks, Pp Box Strapping, Hm/h....


Reference Number


CA - 27496



Reference Number


CA - 27447


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